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Fulltone does not make it easy to understand the differences between each version – so that’s why we are here to help fill the gaps! There’s currently only 4 versions of the OCD , although there has been speculation on whether more versions actually exist. It’s also been rumored that there was an inside joke by the manufacturers of the OCD – who would write higher version numbers for the fun of it. An e-mail from Michael Fuller, the founder of Fulltone, was received by a forum user in regards to this topic. He was also quoted by another online user stating :. Not an inside joke, just whenever I make a change to the PCB, whether it be a word because of a Trademark change, a new logo, etc It received a revision. I don’t think there’s a much difference between a 1.

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Q: The OCD has the brightest LED I’ve ever seen, it lights up my entire pedalboard, but there is NO POPPING sound like on my other booteek effects is the OCD.

Sam Atkins tries not to get too attached…. It will need regular professional maintenance to ensure it always sounds perfect and it will require a new tape cartridge every year, subject to usage. The cost of a new cartridge is equivalent to the price of another Mooer pedal. When Mike Fuller of Fulltone announced that his interpretation of the Maestro Echoplex EP-3 solid-state delay unit was due to be released this year, guitar forums lit up with expectation — along with the ubiquitous naysayers.

Fuller had mooted a solid state alternative to his valve-driven Tube Tape Echo as far back as , so has the wait been worthy of the hype? Most guitar players will have heard of, owned or know someone who has used a Fulltone OCD pedal.

Fulltone OCD Obsessive Compulsive Drive Versions

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We use True Bypass switching with L. Most other pedals have a buffered output that destroys the performance of most pedals that follow in the signal-chain. Don’t be fooled by the claims of “Pure Bypass,” “Hard Bypass” These are just catch phrases to divert your attention away from the fact that those pedals are not true-bypass. To see how we do things click here. In the Choralflange, a rather complex pedal as analog designs go, there are NO miniature surface mount chips, capacitors, or resistors.

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on any Fulltone fire on any subject from OCD to Fatboost. Internet Guru? Taken, it seems from an some MUCH older sources pre-dating Mr Guru read on!

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Fulltone ocd dating, categories. Please support. Attaining to similar top tier build quality, the Empress Compressor is their It was a year of real awakening to.

All OCDs serial and higher are the new, less compressed versions some refer to as “v2. No other company offers EB…I invented it. A downside to True-Bypass: True-Bypass TB switching was the ultimate way to achieve a clean signal path for many years. There can be so much signal loss that it sounds nothing like the sound of a guitar with a cable straight into the front of a great tube amp.

Unity-gain buffered bypass…i. It kills dynamic pick response , i. Enhanced Bypass! With a Class A FET the dynamics get amplified, allowing an even greater range of expression than if you were playing through a guitar and just one cable straight into your amp. The downside with EP-3 preamps is that they throw the signal OUT-of-phase, boost treble, and cut bass. This means that just having the OCD turned off in your signal chain makes the whole rig sound alive, fresh, and more powerful again.

You be the judge. Again I strongly suggest you try one at your favorite dealer, and then let me know what you think. They are at dealers now. Proudly Made in the USA since

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Guitars, Gear, Tone! Had sellers remorse, and bought another V4 used from a member on another forum. It arrives, and it looks like this: No arrows, blue LED, no “made in california” tagline. Lots and lots of bass, less mids, sizzly top.

fulltone ocd v2.

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